Excuses We’ve Heard About Gutter Cleaning

There’s no arguing that we live in an age of technology.  It allows for everyone to share information, opinions, and comments instantly.  That mixed with the popularity of DIY projects, there are several various ways you can get information on how to “Do It Yourself.”  From home repairs to window washing to gutter cleaning—there is hardly a lack of information once you start looking.  Instead of the typical “How To” type of post, we’re taking a look at some instances where we don’t always hear the best advice.

“I don’t even have gutters, and I don’t need them.”
Gutters are essential to keep up the value of your home.  They draw water away from the side of your home, and most importantly, the foundation.  If too much water gets up against your home, you can eventually see foundation damage, costing you a lot more in the long run.  It’s not just rain you need to worry about, either.  In Madison, WI, we see all kinds of precipitation from snow, rain, hail, sleet, etc.  The list goes on and on, but it comes down to potential danger to the base of your home.  Gutters are simple solutions to keep your home functioning at its best.

“As long as I don’t see any problems, I don’t need to clean out my gutters.”
You won’t necessarily see the damage right away.  Water damage to your home is a process that keeps building up over time.  Often times, once you start to see the damage to your home and the foundation, you’re already looking at a pricey fix.

“My old latter is fine to use for cleaning my gutters.  It’s not that high up—it’ll be fine.”
This is a dangerous thought.  If your latter is old or questionable in any way, it’s not safe to use for cleaning your gutters.  The quality of the latter as well as the proper (or improper) use of one causes many accidents and injuries.  Be safe!

“My house looks fine from the street.  My gutters are fine—they don’t need cleaning.”
Yes, when you can see debris overflowing out of your gutters from across the street, it’s a sign your gutters need cleaning desperately.  But you also shouldn’t let them get that bad.  At Clear Vision Cleaning, we suggest you clean your gutters at least twice a year, in the springtime and in the fall.

“I don’t do gutters.”
No problem!  There are professionals that are happy to do it for you!  Finding pros to take care of your gutter cleaning in Madison, WI would help take care of your home without putting the stress on you to do it yourself.

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