Do You Feel Lucky?

In honor of Friday the 13th, here’s a list of unlucky things to avoid!

  • Stepping on a crack
  • Crossing paths with a black cat
  • Breaking a mirror
  • Opening an umbrella indoors
  • Spilling salt
  • Walking under a ladder

Now, at Clear Vision Cleaning, we can’t keep the black cats and umbrellas away, but we could help out with your luck with ladders.  When it comes to home repair and maintenance, ladders are the leading cause of injury.  A wobbly ladder, climbing too high for comfort, overreaching, and missteps all can land you on the ground or in a Madison, WI hospital.

Luckily for you, window washing companies in Madison, WI are trained to get the job done safely, and give you the best result.  When you hire a company to wash your windows professionally, you don’t have to sacrifice quality work for safety, or vice versa.

Make sure you’re extra careful with your mirrors and salt today.  Who knows, you might just luck out and find a four-leafed clover.

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