We Love Birds… Just Not On Our Windows

Little birdie in the sky…

It happens to all of us.  You’re enjoying the clear view of the yard or neighborhood from the comfort of your home one day, and the next, there’s bird droppings ruining your view.  Maybe it was a windy day.  Or perhaps a bird thought your previously clean window was an inviting doorway to your home, and was sorely mistaken.

No matter the reason, the fact is you have a mess on your window.  Can you just leave it and hope the rain will eventually wash it away?  Probably.  Do you want to leave bird droppings full of acid on your windows until the Madison, WI weather decides to rain?  Probably not.

What are your options?  You could wash your windows yourself.  Soap, water, squeegees, ladder, all are essential tools for the job.  The higher your home, the more careful you need to be.  Never reach to one side or the other, past your center of gravity.  Never reach higher than you are comfortable with, and always use an appropriately sized ladder for the job.  Corners and angles can be tricky when you’re washing your windows, as well.

Basically, the more angles and stories your home has, the better off you’d be with your time, your safety, and the quality of the job, for you to hand it over to the pros.  Professional window cleaners in Madison, WI are experienced with all kinds of homes and businesses.

Clear Vision Cleaning has a tried and true system for every window washed.  Our professionals scrub each window with water and solution, scrape all of the hard debris from the window, and re-scrub.  We then squeegee all of the water and solution off of the surface of the window, and then detail the edges with a dry towel.

Whether your windows have accumulated dirt and grime over time, or one of your feathered friends left a present for you, rest assured, your windows can be clean and clear in no time.

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