Pure Water: More Than Your Drinking Water

What’s The Point Of Pure Water?

You have probably heard a lot about “pure” water, but what’s wrong with regular tap water?

The easy answer is pollution and chemicals.  Water is treated before we drink it, but the chlorine or fluorides often used to treat water are not the safest bets.  On the one side, treatments like chlorine kill bacteria and viruses that can be in the water.  On the other side, we don’t want to be ingesting a lot of those chemicals.

The water itself isn’t the only concern where the quality of tap water is concerned.  The pipes in the water delivery system could potentially deliver some toxins along with the water.

That’s where water filters come in.  We know filtered or purified water is good for our drinking water and for our physical health, but what does that have to do with washing windows?

Window cleaning Madison, WI benefits from clean water, as well!  Clear Vision Cleaning uses clean water technology to achieve the best results possible.  With regular water, a clean window can dry, leaving streaks and smudges behind in the process.  Purified water lets window cleaners rinse off a window while standing on the ground.  Clean, or purified water evaporates off of the window without leaving streaks or spots behind.  Clear Vision uses reverse osmosis filters.  The resulting water is more purified than bottled water.

With the ever-changing weather we see in Madison, WI, our windows see a lot of spots and streaks.  Let pure water help get you clean, streak-free windows!

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