The Snow Is Melting!

Cars, windows, homes… Spring Cleaning is upon us!

You’ve probably seen people in their vehicles lined up at the car washes lately, waiting to wash off all of those signs of winter’s dirt, sand, and salt from their cars.  Now that the snow in Madison, WI is (slowly) melting away, don’t forget about your home!

Professional window washers in Madison, WI can help to make sure that your windows are spotless once again.  After all, now that we are seeing more and more sunshine, why not brighten up your home?  Many of you probably think about washing your windows in a Wisconsin springtime equivalent to having an outdoor wedding in the spring – what if it rains?  Our spring season in Wisconsin can be pretty unpredictable, which makes it tough to plan around the weather report.

It can get especially hard when trying to plan on cleaning your windows.  Who would want to spend the time and money to clean your windows, only to have it rain a day or two later, leaving spots behind?  Good news!  Places like Clear Vision Cleaning offer a 5-day rain guarantee.  If your windows get spotted or streaky because of rain within 5 days of our service, just give us a call.  We’ll make it right for you for free!

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