Taking Safety To New Heights

Do you have a fear of heights? 

Does the sight of a wobbly ladder make you nervous?  You are not alone.

In the United States, emergency rooms around the country see more than 135,000 people come through their doors from ladder-related injuries.  Consumer Reports has several tips on ladder safety including the following:

  • Maintain strong and safe equipment:  keep your ladder clean and dry, and check regularly for any dents or cracks.
  • Place your ladder on a solid, level surface.  Never stack any objects underneath your ladder to make it level.
  • Never lean your ladder against any surface that cannot support both sides of the ladder.  Make sure you lean the ladder against a wide and sturdy object like a large tree or a wall.
  • A good rule of thumb is to set up an extension ladder’s base one foot away from the surface the ladder is against for every 4 feet up the ladder goes.
  • Make sure your extension ladder reaches 3 feet past your working area (such as the roofline).
  • Watch out for power lines and other hazards while raising a ladder.
  • Keep yourself centered on the ladder.  Don’t reach up or out so far that you become unbalanced.
  • Never try to move the ladder when you’re standing on it.  Do not try to “walk” the ladder to a new position while you’re on it.

Activities like window washing in Madison, WI can require using a ladder to reach higher levels of houses.  If your home in Madison, WI has angles that make it hard to access your windows, or if the thought of climbing up a ladder makes you nervous, Clear Vision Cleaning can help make the cleaning process easier for you.

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