Window Cleaning: Common Problems and Their Solutions

Do you want to have clean, sparkling windows?

Maintaining dirt-free windows is a tiresome and endless chore. It’s not something homeowners really want to do, but since it helps make homes beautiful, regular window cleaning Madison WI is indispensable. With clean windows, you can also make good impressions on your guests and neighbors.

What makes window washing in Madison WI tedious are the streaks that get left behind after washing. It would mean that once you’re done, you have to wipe it off all over again. One tip:  you can use a squeegee with a soft rubber edge to wipe the streaks off. You should also do the cleaning during evenings or cloudy days when there is no direct sunlight to dry your windows too quickly.

You also have to expect that your windowsills or exterior windows will get dirty too quickly. They are often exposed to dirt and other outside factors. You can apply a coat of clear floor wax to prevent dirt from collecting in your windowsills.

If your problem is mildew on your window frames, homemade cleaning solutions can be a good option. You can mix your household bleach with laundry detergent and water. Then, apply it your window frames and wait for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

Most of the time, your screens and shades will get dirty too. You can dust your shades with soft cloth, but if it is stained, you have to take them off and wash it. When you clean your screens, you have to remove them to wash them. After washing, rinse off the cleaning solution and air-dry your window screens before putting them back. If you have high windows at home, you can use a power washer or hire window cleaners like the professionals at Clear Vision Ceaning to clean your windows.

Your windows will get dirty often. Though you do not need to clean them daily, you do have to include window washing in your regular home maintenance routine. This is important not only to enhance your home’s beauty but also to maintain a safe, healthy environment for you and your family.

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