Window Cleaning

Most people look right through windows, as long as they are clean enough to see through. Clear Vision looks at windows, especially the ones we’ve cleaned, to make sure you can enjoy the light and the views that they let in. There are a lot of window cleaning services out there but there is only one Clear Vision. You might think we are a bit obsessed but the truth is we take professional window cleaning very serious.

Streaks and spots are the enemy of window cleaning and we have our tactics to eliminate them.

Our Pure Water window cleaning technology sets us apart. If you use dirty water to clean then nothing is going to get cleaned. Our goal is to leave a spot free view so we use filtered water. Using reverse Osmosis filters to create water that is more purified than bottled water!

There’s another reality that comes into play with window cleaning, some windows are out of reach.

We use water fed poles that allow us to scrub and rinse from the ground. The water sheets up on the glass and eventually evaporates, leaving behind a spot free view. You can certainly call us meticulous because we want to make sure every job has a beautiful finished look.

You don’t have to worry about rain after we clean your windows, we offer a 5 day rain guarantee. If rain spots up your windows within 5 days of cleaning we’ll make it right for FREE!

Get a hold of Clear Vision Window Cleaning today and see why we’re the clear choice when it comes to window cleaning companies.

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