Residential Window Cleaning

Why choose Clear Vision for your window cleaning needs?

  1. We are insured up to 1,000,000 in liability.This way you can rest assured your property and any belongings are safe.  Businesses insurance is a sign of professionalism.  Be sure to ask us for proof of insurance.  We’d be happy to provide you with one.
  2. We care for your home as if it is ours.At Clear Vision we respect your willingness to let us in your home to make it a better place for you to live.  At the front door you will notice us either take our shoes off, or put shoe covers on while inside your home.  You will also notice us using drop cloths as another precaution to insure we leave the home in better shape than when we arrived.
  3. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.The one thing we are most serious about is your 100% satisfaction.  It is our goal to clean your windows year in and year out.  For this to happen we need to insure your satisfaction every single time.  If you are unhappy with our service you will not pay a dime!
  4. We build our service based on your individual needs.We arrive at your home ready to listen.  Meaning we base our service on your home based on your needs.  Are you looking for a complete window cleaning, exteriors only?  Or are you looking to have you sills and screens wiped down?  You tell us and we will deliver based on your needs.

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